In an election year like this one just past, it’s pretty hard for a politician seeking an office to keep a secret. His adversaries often go back far into his past to find some family indiscretion that can be built into an argument that his Candidate is unfit for office. Sometimes those “facts” bring about the downfall of that person’s candidacy, and his career in politics is ended. His desire to be a leader in government is quashed. A leader must have an impeccable pedigree, right?

Well, let’s think about Jesus’ ancestry. Maybe you’ve been in a Bible study that focused on a hero of faith – one like Abraham or his son Isaac or his grandson Jacob. Maybe it’s been David, that “Man after God’s own heart” (1 Samuel 13:14). You’ve been reading along in your Bible and find out that there are some chinks in their armor. Did it disappoint you to find out that Abraham lied because he was scared and that his son followed in his footsteps committing the same sin because of the same lack of faith? And Jacob! All that cheating and deceit that displayed a similar lack of trust that God had their lives under His control! And David! He was an adulterer and a murderer! How could God call him a “Man after His own heart”?

Wow! We think. These guys were terrible! We might even say they’re worse than we are. Who would have though that God would choose these imperfect men and women to be Jesus’ ancestors? But, you see, it’s not about us; it’s about Jesus. He is One Who is perfect. He is the One Who is fit to rule over us. He has called all of us, sinful though we are, to be His servants. After all, isn’t that what Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, and all the other heroes of faith were? God’s servants?

We won’t find a perfect political candidate. We won’t find a perfect Anybody. What we will find is a faithful, perfect Savior. He lived the perfect life in our place. He calls us to serve Him in many different ways and arenas. He forgives our sins and restores us to service.

Keep faithful unto Jesus in the new year. Love Him, serve Him, worship Him regularly throughout the new year. Your year may not be perfect, but it will be blest as you stay close to Jesus.

Blessings in Him!
Pastor Wegner

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