Jesus Accepts and Perfects Our Gifts

As sinful people, we are incapable of giving God what He deserves from us. However, we can be confident that our gifts are acceptable to God through Jesus.

To illustrate this point, there is a story about a wood-carver who early in his life was a renowned carver. He passed on his craft to his son.

Later in his life, the old man’s eyes began to dim, and his hands began to tremble. He could no longer carve the perfect figures of his youth. He would mar the figure, and imperfections blighted his work. His fading eyes could no longer see the flaws.

During the night, as the father was sleeping, the son would sneak down and correct his father’s flaws in the newly carved wood. When the figures passed through the hands of the son, they were made perfect again.

In the same way, we may bring our imperfect gifts with the confidence that, as they pass through the hands of Jesus, they will all be placed before the Father in absolute perfection.

In the beginning, we, as the centerpiece of God’s creation, were created in God’s image so we were without sin. Just as the early wood-carvings were flawlessly created, so were we. Because of sin, everything changed.

Since the act of rebellion in the Garden, mankind has lived in darkness and separated from God. To reconcile us to Himself and to bring us out of darkness into His wonderful light, God sent His Son to live among us and to take our sin with Him to the Cross.

Through His death and resurrection, we are forgiven, and He has adopted us as His children. Because of our relationship with God through Jesus, God is pleased with our works and gifts that are offered in faith.

Prompted by faith and love, we give with changed hearts that seek to do God’s will. Our gifts express our gratitude to Him and are used to worship Him. Through the work of the Holy Spirit, we give generously and cheerfully.

God receives our gifts and uses them to provide for His churches, to help the needy, to provide for our Christian schools, to support missionaries, and a host of Christian organizations and causes.

Jesus accepts our gifts, perfects them, and magnifies them so God’s purposes are accomplished.

Praise God for His wonderful grace that He would choose to work through us. Continue to enjoy God’s wonderful grace this summer. See you in church!


Pastor Wegner

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