Our Approach

Mission Statement: As people of God, will…

Sow the seed in word and deed, lead and feed and give heed to the human need.


The Practices of Peace

We would like to have you worship with us at Peace. If you do not have a church home, please consider making Peace your regular place of worship.
If you would like to become a member of Peace Evangelical Lutheran Church, here are four methods by which you can do so.

Baptism: We believe the Lord’s command to baptize all people, and, therefore we extend to all–infants, children, youth, and adults who have not been baptized–the Sacrament of Holy Baptism.

Confirmation: We graciously invite those adults who are looking for a church home to participate in our Pastor’s Information Class. upon completion of this class, you may choose the Rite of Confirmation to become a member.

Reaffirmation of Faith: If you were confirmed in the Lutheran Church and have been active in another synod, or have not been active and wish to reaffirm your Confirmation vows, we welcome you to become a member. Please speak to the pastor regarding your desire.

Transfer: We gladly accept the transfer of your membership from another Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod congregation.


The Principles of Peace

Worship: As Lutheran Christians, we accept in faith God’s gift of grace in Christ through Word and Sacraments, and express reverence to the Triune God in prayer, praise and thanksgiving–in the company of other Christians as well as privately.

Witness: As Lutheran Christians, we openly confess to others our Spirit-given faith that Jesus is our Savior and Lord, especially as we work to bring the message of life and salvation in Christ to people who have not yet put their trust in Jesus and therefore are not yet spiritually alive.

Nurture: As Lutheran Christians, we teach and learn from one another the meaning of the Word of God so that by God’s Spirit we are strengthened in faith and equipped to be effective partners in the Gospel, active in the mission of Christ Jesus.

Service: As Lutheran Christians, we care about our fellow human beings and, in the name of Christ Jesus, offer practical help to meet the physical, emotional, mental and social needs that distress people in their communities throughout the world.

Fellowship: As Lutheran Christians, we lovingly share a close relationship with Christ Jesus and with those who are members of His Body, committing ourselves, our abilities, our time, and our resources to our common task of supporting the ministry of His saving Word.

Health:  As Lutheran Christians, we recognize all of life as a gift of God redeemed by Jesus Christ, and in the strength of the Spirit we nurture that life of faith in the Gospel and strive to enhance the physical, mental, social and emotional well-being of all people according to the accepted principles of health and God’s Word.

Stewardship: As Lutheran Christians, we affirm God’s gracious gifts to His people and joyfully respond to His love by managing His gifts to the glory of His name and to the benefit of all people.

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