Hospital Visits

When you are hospitalized or plan to be hospitalized, notify: Pastor Wegner 778-5205 Church office 285- 3769. If you are admitted to the hospital unexpectedly note on your admission that you are a member of Peace Evangelical Lutheran Church. This will alert Pastor Wegner that you have been admitted to the hospital when he checks admission […]

Support For Lutheran Public Radio

LWML | Mission Grant Story: Support For Lutheran Public Radio – $40,000 Lutheran Public Radio (LPR) is home for the weekday terrestrial and Internet radio show “Issues, Etc.” which has been on the air for 20 years proclaiming the Word of salvation and providing a better understanding of contemporary social issues in a Christian context. […]

I’m Going to Let My Light Shine

Leo’s Poetry | I’m Going to Let My Light Shine We must not be afraid to let our light shine, In this dark world of ours. The delightful duty is yours and mine, To help overcome the devil’s powers. Our faith is, of course, the light, This world so desperately needs. Its rays will penetrate […]


In an election year like this one just past, it’s pretty hard for a politician seeking an office to keep a secret. His adversaries often go back far into his past to find some family indiscretion that can be built into an argument that his Candidate is unfit for office. Sometimes those “facts” bring about […]