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Friendship WEEKEND

Friendship WEEKEND February 14-15, 2015 Because of Jesus’ love for you, won’t you share your love with family and friends and invite them to our Friendship Weekend celebration. Where Do I Begin? Pray: Pray regularly that God will bless your friend and your friendship. Pray that God will open the door for the Gospel. “Pray […]

Silver Serving Set Missing

MISSING?? At one time there was a SILVER SERVING SET in the church which was used for special occasions. It consisted of a serving tray, coffee server, sugar and creamer. It is missing from the kitchen inventory and has been for some time, even prior to the kitchen remodel. If anyone has any information as to […]

Hospital Visits

When you are hospitalized or plan to be hospitalized, notify: Pastor Wegner 778-5205 Church office 285- 3769. If you are admitted to the hospital unexpectedly note on your admission that you are a member of Peace Evangelical Lutheran Church. This will alert Pastor Wegner that you have been admitted to the hospital when he checks admission […]